Our Community, Volunteering and Youth Seminar

The multiplier event meeting of the Erasmus+ project titled “Youth Empowerment through Community Media Volunteering”, carried out under the coordination of the Science and Human Foundation, will be held on Saturday, December 4, 2021, between 10:00 and 13:00, at Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center. Young people, NGO representatives carrying out voluntary activities, youth workers […]

Evaluation meeting (about TPM2 & C2)

We arranged an evaluation meeting after the TPM2 & C2 in Austria. For the multiplier event (E1), details of the agenda were discussed about the planning, key speakers and invitation of guests. All offers were shared about certificates, posters, invitations and crew cards badges.

LTTA study visit: WienXtra & Grenzenlos

Our volunteers visited WIENXTRA and National Agency (OeAD) Youth Program Coordinatorship, which carry out information, seminars, workshops and social activities for all children and youth in Vienna, and they received information about volunteering activities. They had the opportunity to learn about ESC opportunities for disadvantaged youth from Miguel Tabera, the GRENZENLOS representative.

LTTA study visit: Basis.Kultur.Wien

Our volunteers visited Basis.Kultur.Wien which is responsible for cultural and artistic activities for the city of Vienna, and received information about their support for amateur projects. They received information on how they select and give funds to the cultural and artistic activities with the “SHIFT” project, how amateur artists took the stage for the first […]

LTTA study visit: Young Caritas Vienna

Our volunteers visited the Young Caritas platform that has been campaigning against social justice and discrimination since 2008, conveying information and embodying social problems. They learnt details of workshops, campaigns, social activities and volunteering projects for children and young people. Our young people gained an important knowledge that volunteering is not only motivation but also […]

LTTA study visit: FREI.Spiel

At Frei.Spiel, which was founded with the idea that “Everyone has right to receive equal education and education is free”, our volunteers learned about the work that can be done to improve the equality of opportunity in education for socially disadvantaged children, to enable them to exist as professionals in the future and to actively […]

LTTA study visit: Romano Centro Association

Our volunteers visited the first Roma community association established in Austria in 1991 and they were informed about the training and social activities carried out to improve the living conditions of Romanian youth and to combat discrimination. They get views on how community media can be used for volunteering activities.

LTTA study visit: OKTO Community TV

Our volunteers visited the Okto Community TV channel that is dedicated to the active participation of local community members. They received detailed information about the contents of the programs. Our volunteers, who received their views on the future of community media, got ideas about the responsibilities of being a television channel where people can share […]

We organised the second TPM

The meeting (TPM2) was held in Vienna, Austria on 20-21 September 2021. After the introduction of the project partner institutions, project progress was presented by the Science and Human Foundation. Partners discussed the details of PMI activities, IO activities and piloting results. Then multiplier events agenda was defined together.

LTTA study visit: Radio Orange 94.0

Our volunteers visited Radio Orange 94.0, which is Vienna’s first open community radio, broadcasting in 25 languages, and providing broadcasting services to local community members with more than 500 volunteer radio programmers, and they got information about its activities. They talked about the future of community media since the channel is a non-commercial, independent, ad-free […]